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Discover Alto Piemonte, Canavese & Valle D’Aosta

Alto Piemonte – nestled in the northwest corner of Italy at the foot of the Alps – produces some of the world’s greatest wines. Sharing its borders with both France and Switzerland, it is a picturesque region of mountains and valleys, abound with vineyards, castles and incredible cuisine. Once the seat of the Savoy empire, since the nineteenth century, Piedmont has been known for its Barolo and Barbaresco, the wine of kings and

queens, delicious crave-worthy wines made from the Nebbiolo grape that are amongst some of the most coveted wines in the world. Our journey to Italy will take us on a wonderous tour of places rich with breathtaking vistas and long histories but not often frequented by tourists. This is a land of spectacular beauty, grand wines, rich and complex cuisine, and architectural and cultural landmarks.



per person. Does not include airfare.


8 Days / 7 Nights


10 Guests



  • ENJOY the benefit of Neal Rosenthal’s 30-years of friendships, experiences and knowledge of viniculture in the Piemonte region.
  • ENJOY the opportunity to eat, drink and laugh with world-renowned estate owners, wine makers, and our Wine Experts. This access is truly rare and precious.
  • ENJOY access to some of the region’s legendary culinary experiences and Neal Rosenthal’s favorite restaurants that are only available to local connoisseurs.
  • ENJOY 5-star accommodations at a refined waterfront villa on Lago Maggiore, an urban-chic property in Turin, and a mountainside chalet at the foot of Mont Blanc.

Our goal is for you not to be required to spend any additional funds beyond the trip fee, other than what you may choose to spend on any wines to bring home. Numerous outstanding wines will be provided at meals and throughout the trip but you are welcome to purchase additional wines for your own enjoyment.


Included are:


  • Hand-selected luxury accommodations for 7 nights
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
  • Unparalleled access to winemakers and estate owners
  • Personalized tastings and insights about a myriad of exceptional wines imported by Rosenthal Wine Merchants
  • Daily wine talks with Neal Rosenthal and John Ciaglia, one of our most knowledgeable Wine Experts
  • Luxury transportation to-and-from vineyards, hotels, and cultural excursions
  • Private tables at preeminent and exclusive restaurants
  • All entrance fees for cultural events, boat tour, taxes and all meal gratuities

Day 1

Accommodations: Villa Aminta on Lake Maggiore




The journey begins by the shores of Lago Maggiore, one of the most magnificent lakes in all of the Italian Lake District. We will spend two nights at the luxurious, 5-star Villa Aminta outside the town of Stresa. Relaxation will be the first order of business, including a boat ride on the lake after a light lunch at the Villa. You won’t want to forget your camera.


Day 2

The next two days will be dedicated to discovering the grandeur of the wines of the Alto Piemonte with visits to a number of vineyards including the Rovellotti estate in Ghemme and the ancient “ricetto” or fortress in the center of the town.

Day 3

Next is the grand estate of Monsecco and its imposing vineyards in Gattinara; and a wine producer trio featuring Clerico from Lessona, NOAH from Bramaterra, and Conti from Boca. A collection of experiences that will be especially memorable.


Our immersion in wine is supplemented with a visit to the cheese cellars of Luigi Guffanti. This fifth generation family cellar has been selecting and aging the best cheese from Italian and European dairy farms since 1876.


Following that we will visit a series of culinary delights at a small trattoria showcasing the regional cuisine before departing for our next stop in Turin.




Accommodations: Principie di Piemonte Grand Hotel




We will spend two nights at this 5-star vibrant property that provides refined Italian Luxury. Designed during the 1920s, the Principe di Piemonte is the premier hotel in Piemonte. This exclusive hotel has been completely refurbished while preserving its historic charm and cultural design. Style, vintage atmosphere, refined furnishings, and contemporary comforts coexist in a luxury hotel overlooking the promenade of Viareggio. A beautiful hotel which is well located for our Turin based experiences.

Day 4

We will begin Day 4 with a visit to Castello di Rivoli, known for its world-class collection of contemporary art housed in a former Savoy palace.


The afternoon in Turin begins with lunch at Consorzio, one of the finest restaurants in the city. A guided tour of the renowned Museo Egizio (Egyptian Museum) and cultural performance at the theater will precede our dinner at the popular Scannabue.

Day 5

We will start day 5 with a visit to Andrea Bianco, one of the world’s most knowledgeable beekeepers. We will learn from his insights into apiculture and a enjoy a tasting of his flower-specific, vintage-dated honeys. If the weather permits, we will visit one of the special zones where the bees forage for nectar.


Following our visit with Andrea, we will begin our trek north towards the highest point on the European continent: Mont Blanc. A simply breathtaking vista awaits. We stop first in Carema, the final village in Piedmont before we cross the frontier to the Valle d’Aosta.


In Carema, we will visit with the Ferrando family. The Ferrando family is a renowned producer of the mystical wine of Carema, the most elegant of all versions of Nebbiolo.  A tour of the steeply terraced vineyards in the shadow of Mont Blanc precedes lunch at the local table of Ramo Verde.



Accommodations: Relais Mont Blanc Hotel & Spa




We will spend two nights at Relais Mont Blanc Hotel & Spa. Nestled in the heart of the Italian Alps, this enchanting 5-star chalet style boutique hotel has breathtaking panoramic views, and the highest level of European hospitality and service.  Enjoy the offerings of their distinguished spas including hot and cool relaxation caves, Turkish baths, infrared sauna, or a variety of unique massage treatments

Day 6

On the way to our final destination, the romantic Relais Mont Blanc, a visit with Danilo Thomain, the singular producer of the rare wine of Enfer d’Arvier, will provide an introduction to the seductive qualities of the Petit Rouge grape and breathtaking views of this grand valley from the vineyard amphitheater of Arvier. A relaxing dinner at Café Quinson follows.

Day 7

The next morning begins with a a ride to the summit of Mont Blanc.  The sensation of being at the top of the world will move even the most jaded and provided further insight into the flora and fauna of this stark landscape.


Once we descend, we will meet the Grosjean family. The Grosjean Family has been making wines in the high alpine mountains since 1975, hand harvesting many of the grapes and practicing sustainable farming with their certified organic wines.



The afternoon will provide a final moment of relaxation and recovery either at the spa facilities of the Relais Mont Blanc or the thermal baths of the neighboring village of Pré Saint Didier.


A toast and final dinner at La Maison de Filippo Entreves concludes the unforgettable journey.

Day 8

Day 8 will be departure day. Following a leisurely breakfast, we will make the short trip back to Milan.

Quick Links


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Accommodation #2 | Principie di Piemonte Grand Hotel: www.principedipiemonte.com/en/

Accommodation #3 | Relais Mont Blanc Hotel & Spa: www.hotelmontblanc.it/en/

















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