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Introducing the ENJOY Barrel Program!

We are excited to announce the ENJOY Barrel Program!

Our spirits experts will be working closely with our distributors & distilleries to bring limited edition barrel aged spirits to our customers! 


Each barrel will be hand picked by our spirits experts to bring our customers a completely unique product.


We are dedicated to bringing our customers a unique experience through our barrel program. 


Our current featured selection is from High West Distillery in Park City, Utah. This is the first time that High West has expanded their barrel select program to Connecticut! ​​

High West was founded with a spirit of innovation that carries through all of their products, their barrel select program highlights unique blends with a wide range of possible custom finishes and base whiskies.

Our barrel is a single barrel expression of the High West "Double Rye" bottled at cask strength at over 100 proof, and finished in an aquavit barrel!

This atypical pairing ends up working very well as the herb root and rye bread flavors of the caraway based spirit complement the sweet cinnamon baking spice and minty flavors of the whiskey, resulting in an especially delicious rye!

Distribution is quite limited on this product, there are bottles available in each of our retail locations and for online purchase. 

Get yours today! 

What is a Single Barrel Whiskey?

Why did we choose a single barrel selection?


A single barrel whiskey comes from an individual aging barrel, and the whiskey from each barrel is bottled separately.


No two barrels are exactly alike, by hand-picking a barrel selection for our ENJOY barrel program we allow the whiskey to tell it's own story. 


By contrast, some other whiskeys, even ones that are not blends, may be combined from more than one batch, or even from differing years to achieve consistency.