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A Private Wine Journey Through Provence

Our journey through Provence will take us on an exclusive odyssey, revealing a world abundant with stimuli for all the senses…wine and cuisine; art and nature; sea and hills; countryside and Provencal villages. Stroll past the canopied café terraces, olive groves, and tall cypresses of the South of France and you can’t help but be captivated by its beauty. If you’re feeling as though you’ve been here before, it’s because you may be remembering scenes painted by Van Gogh, Picasso, Cezanne, and Matisse. Of course, the highlight of our trip will be pairing exceptional food with the world class wines

imported by Neal Rosenthal. Delight in a chilled glass of dry, crisp Provencal rosé, experience the dark red wines from Bandol or enjoy a glass of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. All while discussing these wines with the wine makers or estate-owners whose families have toiled in the vineyards for fourteen generations. Sharing bottles of wine and meals with local masters that are the epicenter of the viniculture of the Provence is the essence of this trip. We truly believe that these interactions will provide our guests with a unique and precious experience.



per person. Does not include airfare.


8 Days / 7 Nights


10 Guests



  • ENJOY the benefit of Neal Rosenthal’s 30-years of friendships, experiences and knowledge of viniculture in the South of France.
  • ENJOY access to some of the region’s legendary culinary experiences and Neal’s favorite restaurants some of which are only available to local connoisseurs.
  • ENJOY the opportunity to eat, drink and laugh with world-renowned estate owners, wine makers, and our Wine Experts. This access is truly rare and precious.
  • ENJOY three world-class hotels including one that provides bucolic relaxation in the land of Camargue (French Wild West), a luxurious property that provides endless views of the French Mediterranean Coastline, and a lavish, contemporary hotel nestled in the historical center of Arles.

Our goal is for you not to be required to spend any additional funds beyond the trip fee, other than what you may choose to spend on any wines you wish to bring home. Numerous outstanding wines will be provided at meals and throughout the trip but you are welcome to purchase additional wines for your own enjoyment.


Included are:


  • Hand-selected luxury accommodations for 7 nights;
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily;
  • Unparalleled access to winemakers and estate owners;
  • Personalized tastings and insights about a myriad of exceptional wines imported by Rosenthal Wine Merchants;
  • Daily wine talks with Neal Rosenthal and Sam Dendas, one of ENJOY’s most knowledgeable Wine Experts;
  • Luxury transportation to-and-from vineyards, hotels, and cultural excursions;
  • Private tables at preeminent and exclusive restaurants;
  • All entrance fees for cultural events, tours, taxes and all meal gratuities.

Day 1 - Day 3

Accommodations: Le Mas de Peint Hotel   -  https://www.masdepeint.com/en/


The journey begins in the Mediterranean port city of Marseille and moves to the Camargue, the French ‘Wild West”, with its cowboys who herd the fighting bulls, salt marshes, and a long enticing local history. We stay for three days at the vast Mas de Peint, a luxurious 500-hectare hotel and farm south of Arles, from which we depart daily to visit various vineyards and meet with winemakers and estate-owners.


Le Mas itself offers insight into the history of the Camargue as it is home to the famous bulls that fight in the centuries-old coliseum of Arles and the horses that are integral to the cowboy culture of this unique part of France.  We will explore the local flora and fauna, a neighboring winery, and a nearby cheese producer. A visit to the Camargue salt marshes will compliment an afternoon of bird watching or horseback riding.


We will also use this glorious farm to receive a visit from two of the important wine producers of the Languedoc that are part of the Rosenthal Wine Merchant portfolio.  While at the Mas our meals will feature the organically-grown produce of the farm, and its rice and beef.  Lunch at neighboring La Chassagnette, a fabled table of the region, is a highlight of the culinary experience.

Day 4 - Day 5

Accommodations: Hotel Les Roches Blanches   -  https://roches-blanches-cassis.com/en/


The journey then leads from the Camargue to the magical fishing village of Cassis, just east of Marseille.  Here we will stay for two days and nights at the Hotel Les Roches Blanches, a five-star beauty that sits on a promontory overlooking the port of Cassis, filled with small fishing boats.


During these days, we will visit three of the outstanding estates within the Rosenthal Wine Merchant gallery of wineries:


(1) Domaine du Bagnol in Cassis


(2) Chateau Pradeaux, the finest estate of Bandol which has been in the hands of the Portalis family for over 250 years


and (3) Chateau Simone, the singular wine of Palette and the property of the Rougier family since the early 1800s.



Our immersion in wine will be matched by a wondrous excursion on the sea to explore the Calanques, the bays and soaring cliffs that mark the part of the Mediterranean between Marseille and La Ciotat.  We will be joined by an expert on oceanography and geology who will explain the sea’s effect on the viniculture of the area. Dining on the freshest catch of the sea at the Brasserie du Corton at Villa Madie and the boisterous Le Grand Large will assure we are well-fed.

Day 6 - Day 7

Accommodations: L’Arlatan Hotel Arles   -  https://www.arlatan.com/en


Our final two full days will be spent at L’Arlatan Hotel Arles, bestled in the historic center of Arles. As early as the Middle Ages, L’Arlatan was recognized as being Arles’ most lavish hotel. A modern makeover introduces an explosion of color, light and contemporary design.


From L’Arlatan we visit the lively Saturday morning food market of Arles as well as the many historic monuments and galleries of the city.  We will discover the source of the great olive oils of Provence and have a picnic lunch with several esteemed wine producers offering wines from Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Gigondas and the Luberon.  A toast and final dinner will be a proper conclusion to this journey through Provence.

Day 8

Day 9 is departure day. Following a leisurely breakfast, we will see you on your way to Avignon, Marseille, Nice, or Paris.

Quick Links


Accommodation #1 | Le Mas de Peint Hotel: https://www.masdepeint.com/en/

Accommodation #2 | Hotel Les Roches Blanches: https://roches-blanches-cassis.com/en/

Accommodation #3 | L’Arlatan Hotel Arles: https://www.arlatan.com/en

















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